A high level of flexibility and productivity

Mauricio Munoz has over 20 years experience of Chilean lumber production. Today he is running a brand new saw mill at Rumasal, delivered by Söderhamn Eriksson in 2012.
“I used to run three very basic saw mills to produce lumber, and with those old fashion facilities there was no guarantee for the business to survive much longer, therefore it was a must to invest in a high tech operation,” he says.
“In order to survive this business you need to always be looking for ways to increase the effiency of the operation or, in other words, you need to increase your output from the same amount of raw material. the market is constantly expecting more quality products for a lower price due to the high level of competitiveness, and if you don’t improve your operation the business becomes easily a headache in very short time.”

Natural choice
A saw line from Söderhamn Eriksson was a natural choice for Mauricio Munoz.
“They are a well-known key player on the Chilean market and their experience along with their flexible concept to design sawmills was crucial for me when selecting a contractor,” he says.
“Everybody knows Söderhamn Eriksson in Chile, and they are represented here by a good agent that provides a lot of confidence, as they produce a big portion of the engineering locally in this project.” Mauricio Munoz also has previous experience from Söderhamn Eriksson as he used to run Cambio debarkers at the previous mills, purchased second hand many years ago.

Flexibility and productivity is important
The chosen solution for the Rumasal saw mill is of the SuperSaver type, in a merry-go-round design. The line is comprised of an AKE bandsaw quad with reducer discs and merry- go-round conveyors, as well as an Edgar edger optimizer system.
“Rumasal serves mainly the domestic market in Chile, and sometimes the orders from customers are small and other times varies a lot in terms of lumber dimension and specifications,” says Mauricio Munoz.
“It is important that the mill have to have a high level of flexibility with an also high productivity, and the merry-go-round design from Söderhamn Eriksson its perfectly to this concept. This solution can also be provided by other European manufacturers, however factors like experience and a turnkey solution, that was available from Söderhamn Eriksson and their Chilean agent Solecia, was a strong point that made us choose them.”

Satisfying results
The Rumasal saw mill is expected to produce about 130,000 m3 pine/year in two-shift ope-ration. The mill started its production in 2012.
“So far we have been running for more than six months,” says Mauricio Munoz.
“The expectations in terms of productivity and yield have been achieved and we are expecting even more for the next months. The project is now in the ‘raising production’ phase and we are very grateful of all support that we have gotten from Söderhamn Eriksson and Solecia.”He is impressed with the way Söderhamn Eriksson has managed this entire turnkey project.“Being that far from Sweden, it has been quite efficient,” says Mauricio Munoz. “Their agent Solecia works well in getting everything done properly, and helping to resolve the problems that this type of project could bring about. We also have gotten follow up visits from Söderhamn technicians, which have been very helpful to us. Their technicians and personnel are very skilled and have shown a lot of knowledge of our market and our way to do business and run projects.”