“Söderhamn Eriksson could offer the best total solution"

When the Austrian company Mosser Holzindustrie invested in a brand-new sawmill in 2008, they opted for Söderhamn Eriksson to supply the saw line including 10 band saws, edger optimizer and debarking line. “As this was the biggest investment in the history of our company, we were very careful when choosing the saw line supplier,” says Reinhard Mosser, Managing Director of Mosser Holzindustrie. “Söderhamn Eriksson met our requirements.”

Construction of the new mill began in 2007, and in the summer of 2008 it was started up.
“The time had come to update our operations,” says Reinhard Mosser. “And we wanted to move to a new, larger facility that also had room for future expansion. We chose Söderhamn Eriksson as our supplier of the saw line because they could offer the best total solution.” The investment means considerably improved and modernized production. Mosser processes only spruce wood and uses most of its sawmill output for the production of gluelam at Mosser Leimholz.

Higher accuracy
The bandsaw line from Söderhamn Eriksson includes a Cambio debarking plant, two quadruple bandsaws and one twin bandsaw, a horizontal rip-saw and a high-performance edger optimizer. This solution from Söderhamn Eriksson won the contract also because of its flexibility.
“We had a saw line with bandsaws and edger optimizers already in 1985 and have a lot of experience with this system,” says Reinhard Mosser. “We wanted a solution that suits medium-size sawmills. It’s also important for us to have a flexible system that enables us to process a wide range of timber diameters and to respond quickly to a changing market.” Reinhard Mosser states that the new bandsaw line from Söderhamn Eriksson has resulted in several improvements, such as higher dimensional accuracy, higher feed speed and optimized recovery thanks to curve-sawing.
“The performance of the new edger optimizer is much better than the old one, and it operates mostly automatically,” he says. “The new plant also provides more comfort for the operator, and it is much quieter. “The new saw mill was a natural development for us as we’ve already had a bandsaw line that, too, was equipped with modern measurement and control technology,” says Reinhard Mosser.

A big success
“Our new sawmill was not only a greenfield project but also the largest investment in the history of our company,” says Reinhard Mosser. “We didn’t make it easy for us when choosing the right supplier for the saw line, but we found that Söderhamn Eriksson could best meet our high demands. One more reason was that we had worked a lot with them before and knew many of the people involved in the project. Even if the project was challenging, it resulted in a big success. “We appreciate Söderhamn Eriksson as a serious company with dedicated employees and excellent know-how in bandsaw and edging technology. We would like to thank all those of Söderhamn Eriksson involved in the project for their hard work and dedication”.


Mosser Holzindustrie sawmill
Mosser family
Operation: Spruce sawmill with 10 AKE Sawmaster bandsaws, Exeltec edger optimizer and Cambio debarking line from Söderhamn Eriksson
Production: Processing of some 350.000 m3 logs/year
Employees: 50
Other: A total investment of EUR 30m in the green-field project
Website: www.mosser.at