We have improved both capacity and yield

The South Swedish Fegens Sågverk AB has upgraded its saw line from 1991 with advanced ancillary equipment such as 3D-log positioning and speed control. This upgrade has resulted in higher capacity and recovery.
“Our expectations have been exceeded,” says Bertil Andersson, one of the owners. Family-owned Fegens Sågverk produces some 60,000 m3 annually, 85% spruce and 15% pine. The saw line originates from 1991 but has continuously been updated with new technology. In 2010 the log infeed and some other equipment were upgraded, and new control and optimizing systems were installed. This implied a shift from a saw line with fixed set-up to flexible production in which the recovery from each log is optimized based on value calculations.
“This has beat our expectations, and we’ve increased both capacity and yield,” says Bertil Andersson who runs the mill together with his brother Mikael . “The only thing we regret is that we haven’t done it earlier.“

Fast start-up
For the upgrading, Söderhamn Eriksson supplied the log intake, a log turner, log feeder, reducer discs and cant tilter. Earlier the mill had upgraded its edging line with a state-of-the-art Exeltec edger optimizer. While Söderhamn Eriksson delivered the machinery, RemaControl supplied the control system and optimizing equipment. “We are very happy with the installation both by RemaControl and by Söderhamn Eriksson. They’re working very well together and we are surprised that production could be restarted so soon. We had anticipated a much longer downtime.”
”The tricky thing with this project was the short period of time between order and delivery,“ says Lennart Svensson, chief designer at Söderhamn Eriksson in Mariannelund. “The order came in May, to be delivered in September. The mill was shut down for merely three weeks. I’m proud that we can meet such narrow time schedules.“


Fegens Sågverk AB
1950 by Anders Andersson
Owners: Brothers Bertil and Mikael Andersson
Operations: Sawmill with an AKE bandsaw with merry-go-round
Production: Some 60,000 m3 a year, 85% spruce and 15% pine
Employees: 26, one-shift operation
Other: Saw line from 1991 with a new canter in 1996 and new Exeltec edger optimizer in 2007
Website: www.fegenssag.se