Circular saws a success for Amur Forest

Söderhamn Eriksson has installed a circular-saw line at the newly erected Russian Amur Forest sawmill. The sawmill’s production capacity now exceeds 150,000 m3 a year. ”Söderhamn Eriksson doesn’t just think of selling machines but also wants to teach the customer how to use them properly, which we appreciate“, says Alexander Marmilo from Amur Forest.
Amur Forest is a sawmill in the Khabarovsk region of Eastern Siberia. The sawmill produces some 150,000 m3 lumber from larch and spruce. The cold Siberian climate generates wood with very high density and quality. Started up in October 2008, the saw line from Söderhamn Eriksson features circular saws and an edger optimizer as well as log intake, debarking and waste wood handling for chip recovery.
“We chose Söderhamn Eriksson as our supplier because they make reliable machinery and have very good references“, explains Alexander Marmilo, who is one of the sawmill owners. The saw line at Amur Forest is a straight line including a primary Type 900 circular breakdown saw and a Eurosaw P circular re-saw. Alexander Marmilo is very satisfied with its performance.
”The saw line from Söderhamn Eriksson enables sophisticated, highly efficient – and highly profitable – production. Positive effects right down the line!“

Fantastic cooperation
Alexander Marmilo feels he learned a lot from his cooperation with Söderhamn Eriksson. “We sure have made mistakes in the course of the project, but we’ve also gathered invaluable experiences. Now we are looking for new personnel to create a perfect team at our mill“. Alexander Marmilo is also very impressed by the way Söderhamn Eriksson‘s personnel have carried out their work during the project. “It’s been fantastic! We’ve got a very positive impression not only of Söderhamn Eriksson, but also of their sub-suppliers, who all have been highly competent and qualified”. Contributing to this project were Milltech with its control and optimizing systems as well as Gösta Hedlund with its log intake and waste handling plant.


Amur Forest
BM Group
Operation: Saw line (larch and spruce) including circular saws and edger optimizer as well as log intake, debarking, lumber drying
Production: Over 150,000 m3 annually
Employees: 120 Other: Export to Europe, Japan, China and South Korea

Söderhamn Eriksson‘s delivery: Saw line with reducer circular saw, stand-alone canter, fixed double-arbor circular saw as well as edger optimizer; log infeed consisting of log turner and Type 448 log feeder; ChipCanter 2500 canters; primary breakdown Type 900 bottom-arbor saw; Type 430 cant feeder ahead of second canter; edging line with Edgar edger optimizer and Type 6100 edger.