Technical support

Our way to increased profitability
Every day sawmills are losing money unnecessarily. We can help you prevent such losses. Söderhamn Eriksson offers a unique range of Technical Support services, where we together with our customers develop efficient solutions to increase their profitability and make their plants top-performing.

Collected competence and experience
Söderhamn Eriksson is a world-leading supplier to the sawmill industry worldwide. For decades we have been advancing product development to where it stands today. Our machines and systems meet the market’s highest demands. Thanks to the know-how and experience gathered along the way, we have created a team with unique competence that can help you make your mill even more efficient and reliable. Nobody knows our machines and systems better than our technicians and engineers from our Technical Support.

Cooperation – the key to success
The most efficient way to increased productivity and reliability is a close, long-term cooperation with us. Cooperation is actually the key word. By letting us in on your particular way of doing things, our experience and collected competence will enable us to understand your production process and your machinery as a whole. We will be able to help you find and prioritize the measures that best increase your profitability.

More efficient processes
Optimum profi tability requires control of the entire production process. The status of effi ciency and availability, lumber quality and recovery are decisive factors that affect your bottom line both individually and taken together. We help you analyze these crucial factors and, based on this analysis, define targets and devise a strategy to optimize your processes. After implementation of the proposed adjustments we measure and follow up the results to make sure the defined goals have been achieved.

Competence and cooperation for enhanced performance
Our decades of experience and unique competence enable us to achieve the goals we have defi ned together with you. We will cooperate with your personnel and make ourselves familiar with the way your particular machines and processes function. We have developed the methods and tools to be able to quickly evaluate your plant’s potential for development. Our working method is based on experience and time-tested to guarantee quick results in the form of increased profitability for you.

Complete range of services
Söderhamn Eriksson’s Technical Support offers a wide range of high-quality services to the global woodworking industry. Our capabilities include all kinds of services in the maintenance, consulting and contracting sectors. From acute problem solving to process fine-tuning – from preliminary evaluations through start-up.