Circular saw 700 - A new generation circular cant breakdown

Circular Saw 700 sets a new standard for single arbor guided cant breakdown saws. The 700 has the features that takes it a leap ahead of the rest - a unique saw guide system for instant tool change, up to 6 individually shifting saws, cant guides controlled by hydraulic linear positioners at the saws, individual feed roller drive, adjustable saw guide position for a variety of saw diameters, climb- or power cutting saws, to mention a few. For you this will mean a more accurate product, better recovery, more uptime, less maintenance and - it will reward you with the highest possible income, of course.

  • Feed speed, max: 150 m/min
  • Max. cant size (W×H): 400×265 mm
  • Min. cant size (W×H): 75×75 mm
  • Saw diameter: 500–700 mm
  • Main motor, max: 315 kW
  • Feedwork motors: 4×3 kW
  • Weight: 12.000 kg