Vision Tilt - Full saw band control

Vision Tilt from Söderhamn Eriksson improves your lumber sizes as well as saw blade service life. The Vision Tilt system controls saw blades by actively tilting the band wheels and can easily be installed in new and already existing band saw lines.

The equipment includes a Vision camera sitting protected on the return side of the saw blade. Level with the upper band wheel’s center, the camera monitors the saw teeth position in relation to the band wheel’s front edge. Incorrectly aligned saw blades over time generate cracks in the tooth base as well as wear on band wheels and saw guides. Vision Tilt actively corrects the saw band’s position on the band wheel, which not only minimizes wear but also improves sawing accuracy.

Besides the camera, Vision Tilt also includes a PLC with software for monitoring and adjustment. The surveillance images from all saws are displayed on one and the same screen for the operator’s visual information. The intelligent saw band control system alerts the operator to faults such as saw bands showing signs of imminent rupture.

  • Improves lumber size accuracy
  • Minimizes wear on saw bands, band wheels and saw guides
  • Reduces saw band rupture
  • Lowers energy consumption
  • Accuracy of measurement corresponding to ± 0.5 mm