Millmaster HPS 1500 - a new standard for high-speed re-sawing

Millmaster re-saws are of the high-strain design with a sawblade tension of 12 tons. When you add this together with the 1500 mm dia wheels, heavy duty bearings and robust feedworks you are ensure of the best accuracy even at the highest feed speeds.

Each saw module is mounted on round guides so that they can be positioned, for instance: the left saw can be moved to a 0-line while the right saw is fully movable. The upper band wheel is tilted via a remote controlled gear motor. The sawblades are tensioned by an automatic hydraulic unit. The sawblade speed is frequency controlled.

The heavy duty feedwork units are each powered by gear motors. Feed speeds from 60 to 150 m/min are adjusted by using frequency control. Both feedwork units can be positioned for centering or with one side fixed and one side setting.

  • Band wheel diameter: 1.500 mm
  • Band wheel witdh: 150 mm
  • Sawblade thickness: 1,07 – 1,32 mm
  • Sawblade tension: 12 ton
  • Sawblade speed: 30 - 75 m/sec
  • Feed speed: 60 - 150 m/min
  • Main motors: 75 kW/saw
  • Feedwork motors: 2x1,5 kW
  • Motors for band wheel tilt: 0,18 kW/saw
  • Hydraulic unit for setting cylinders: 1,5 kW
  • Hydraulic sawband tensioning units: 0,37 kW/saw
  • Max. cutting height, standard: 300 mm
  • Weight for machine with one sawband (single): 11.000 kg
  • Weight for machine with two sawbands (twin): 16.000 kg