Cambio 800 increases production

Carter Holt Harvey Ltd is Australia’s largest group of producers and distributors of lumber with several production facilities in their home country. Now they have invested in a new debarking line from Söderhamn Eriksson for their saw mill in Morwell, Victoria.

Mark Bass, Greenmill Reliability and Plant Improvements Manager at Carter Holt Harvey Morwell, describes why they invested in the new Cambio 800 debarking line from Söderhamn Eriksson.
“Our old equipment was worn out and about to give up,” he says. “Downtime periods got longer and longer and maintenance costs skyrocketed. We opted for Söderhamn Eriksson’s equipment because it is perfectly suited for our capacity and our mixture of species and log dimensions. In addition, the line was easy to fit into our facility without necessitating major changes. Carter Holt Harvey’s experience with equipment from Söderhamn Eriksson also comprises a merry-go-round saw line delivered earlier.
“Their machines are reliable and built to last”, Mark Bass says, explaining why it was easy to opt for Söderhamn Eriksson once again. “The machinery is so productive that we can skip extra shifts and overtime to meet our production targets. This makes it also easy for our service people: As we now have got increased production within a shorter period of time, we are able to shut down the line for scheduled service. The installation was trouble-free, according to Mark Bass. He thinks the project was handled very well by all people concerned.
“From the planning stage through installation, everybody cooperated to achieve the best possible results for Carter Holt Harvey. My impression of Söderhamn Eriksson and their employees’ competence and know-how is very good indeed.”
With the new debarking line, the saw mill in Morwell has increased its production without increasing hours, decreased its overtime costs and gained time for scheduled maintenance. That’s how Mark Bass summarizes his company’s investment in Cambio 800.